Smith Machine bench Combination plus Bar and Weights.
The SPORTSPLUS® SPOF3000-Y (Yellow with Black trim) is the ultimate designed multi purpose exercise machine. It allows you to train every body part with a multitude of exercises for each muscle group. And even more with the Smith Machine bench Combination giving extra options.
The SPOF3000-Y is not only incredibly versatile with the amount of exercise it offers but also possesses a surprisingly small footprint for such a comprehensive machine. If you like to ‘mix it up’ this is the one for you. The front power rack allows you do all those free weight exercises like barbell squats, bench press, incline press, seated shoulder press and cable cross over work. Next week you can change over to slightly less compound work and use the smith machine for those same exercises. The following week you can include the peck deck for even more variety in your chest work outs, the multi chin bar for back and bicep and also the Extreme core trainer for back and core work. The options are endless and I can not see you growing out of this one, ever.
The high quality steel tubing, premium grade pulleys and cables along with outstanding workmanship all go to making this a quality product and ideal for PT studios, work place gymnasiums or home gyms.
Smith Machine bench Combination SPOF3000 Main features at a glance:
• Smith machine with linear bearing.
• Front Power Rack.
• Peck Deck.
• Low seated row.
• Twin cables system.
Other features:
• Multi grip chin bar.
• Extreme core trainer.
• Adjustable dipping handle.
• Seating anchoring knee pads.
• 6 x plate storage horns.
• Barbell storage.
• Fixing ring for power bands and TRX straps.
• PLUS FID fully adjustable bench, Olympic OB86W and 75kg hammer tone weight plates.
The SPOF3000-Y Smith Machine bench Combination is covered by the SPORTSPLUS® lifetime structural warranty so you can feel total confident when investing in this awesome machine.
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